Friday, January 05, 2007

Beautiful, young, cruel and stylish

A review of a maid training and punishment session - December 2006

I am a young maid being sent to Miss Cameo by my owner for retraining. Miss Cameo has been requested by my owner to retrain me and to punish me ruthlessly if I don't come up to her standards. Worse than that, she is to punish me even if I do, to remind me of my place. And, well, just because she can.

My first visit was last week. After she had tidied up my outfit - knickers, blouse, suspenders and stockings she set me to work. She chose her light but vicious cane at first and as I bent, stooped and toiled she laced my backside with strokes of her cane - sometimes one, sometimes several. If she left the room and came back to find her instructions not followed it was worse - knickers down, over the couch and then she sat quickly astride me and lay on four or five sharp strokes.

In the end she had had enough of me and wanted to express her irritation. Her dark eyes showed no sympathy for me and nothing but contempt as I cleaned my way up the stairs with her delivering sharp strokes long-ways down my buttocks and biting the top of my thighs, on the way up to the punishment room.

Once there it turned nasty - over the trestle for a good whipping with her long leather single tail. Then legs astride as she whipped in some vicious strokes on my soft inner thighs. Then over the bench for a sharp caning for moving too much (after a ten minute wait - in position). Next she stood in front of me as I put my hands on my head and as she looked on impassively I had to suffer a thrashing on my flanks.

Finally - and most scary I was secured on my back to the bed with soft rope - thoroughly tied - and treated to about 15 strokes across the fronts of my poor thighs. She towered over me curling the cane down. Clearly she enjoyed crushing the last of my spirit.

She put me through my paces and I have suffered at her hands. All my hindquarters have felt her simmering anger. In a week the marks have nearly gone and my next visit looms large. She has a heart of darkness and is the undoubted queen of domination. Beautiful, young, cruel and stylish.


Judicial caning review - December 2006

At 19.58 I pressed the call button. Just a minute later I was in the room, the caning bench just behind me, a selection of canes on a rack, implements on a bed, Miss Cameo on the bed. She looked cool, in command, in control already.

She discussed my previous experience of severe caning, then the parameters of this my first judicial caning. I was to receive a minimum of 24 strokes to be delivered with full force. I would be fully restrained and my kidney and thighs would be protected in case of a mis-hit. Additional strokes would be delivered if I were to struggle or cry out. Once I accepted this punishment it would be carried out to completion, there would be no mercy.

I agreed to receive my sentence. Within minutes I was naked, bound to the bench and just able to see Miss Cameo selecting the dragon cane from the rack.

The blur of the punishment is difficult to describe. The first swish through the air immediately transformed into intense pain as the cane landed. Within ten seconds Miss Cameo had repeated the stroke several times and I could hardly keep still or quiet, never before had even a no warm up caning hurt with such intensity. I tried to adjust my breathing to the rhythm of the beating and gradually as the endorphins kicked in the burning pain became almost controllable.

After 27 strokes Miss Cameo asked me if I had repented, my silence drew 3 more strokes. Now do you repent – Yes I replied.

The bindings were undone; I stood, viewed my welted and bruised backside and began to dress. I had managed my punishment. Miss Cameo’s eyes were sparkling – she had enjoyed her work. It is 20.45 I am driving home, it hurts.

I have offended again; this punishment will be carried out in January. I am to receive at least 50 strokes.

Watch this space, I will explain the actual punishment in as much detail as the pain will allow me to recall.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Cold caning office scene review December 2006

I have visited about a dozen Dommes in my time, all of whom have had quite different styles and levels of proficiency. Never before though, have I met one with such a heady mix of high quality ingredients to make a truly splendid and memorable session as Miss Cameo.

Far from being the out-and-out sadist one sometimes encounters, Miss Cameo's manner is quiet and dispassionate, yet steely and exacting. When it was agreed upon arrival that my session would be a straight, hard caning within a simple office-style role play setting, the glint in her eye made it clear to me that she was going to enjoy every minute of it.

Although Miss Cameo is considerably younger than many of the Dommes I have had sessions with previously, her level of experience and expertise far exceeds her years. Miss Cameo has learned her trade very quickly and thoroughly and her accuracy with the cane is right out of the top drawer. She found my limit very quickly and then gently encouraged me thereafter to take a step or two beyond it.

Be very assured that Miss Cameo will always look after you and will take every precaution to ensure that your personal safety is effectively maintained. For that reason alone I would have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending her in preference to a great many others whom I have found to be invariably somewhat less considerate.

It is very rare to find a Domme of such a consistently high caliber as Miss Cameo. She is attractive and stylish, civil and assured. In session she is enchanting and bewitching, yet resolutely firm and demanding. Miss Cameo left her mark on me in many more ways than one and I would like to think that one day she might like to do so again.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New slavery opportunities!

I have decided to offer some new opportunities to wear my collar for the right subs and slaves.

What I will arrange with the chosen subs is a monthly direct debit, cash payment or have them take on one of my essential costs in return for wearing my collar, signing my slave contract and sessioning with me a couple of times a month. They will also be used for my movies, website and DVD's and on occasion will accompany me to club nights.

Those who hope I will consider them will e-mail me with their skills, experiences, likes, limits and what they think they can do for me by being one of my owned properties.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sensory Deprivation

I now have my sensory deprivation kit which uses a pair of glasses and headphones to play with your senses and entrance you while I tease and torture you.

Thank you to my submissive who bought it.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Party on 21 December

It is that time of year again and your only chance in the year to come to my Christmas party with your gifts and festive cheer.

The party will feature lots of fun, games, serving and amusing me so let us hope you are creative.

The party will start at 7pm and end around midnight. For more information visit my website, via the link above.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Session Review, November 2006

I consider myself to be a very experienced submissive having almost 40 years' experience of subjecting myself to the whims of mistresses all over the UK as well as others in cities such as New York, Amsterdam, the Hague, Paris etc etc. During this time I have been searching for my perfect mistress and although I have served and been punished by many famous dominatrixes, I have never found one whom I would describe as "perfect" - until now that is.

Last Friday I had a 2 hour session with Miss Cameo at her North London premises. My first impression of Miss Cameo was very positive - she is young, very attractive and easy to talk to. However her gentle manner disguises the very strict and dominant approach she takes when the session begins. I quickly realised that any misbehavior or disobedience would result in very severe punishment as an initial flippant comment immediately produced a very sore bottom.

Miss Cameo does not shout or abuse loudly, rather she gives her commands in a quiet, almost gentle manner but in a way which leaves the slave in no doubt that instant obedience is required.

My first impression of the premises was also very positive - the premises are very well equipped with plenty of modern bondage furniture and CP equipment.

Miss Cameo specialises in administering very accurate CP and is probably the best exponent of the cane that I have met in my 40 years' experience. She has a large number of canes, some of which looked particularly severe but fortunately I didn't have to suffer any strokes from them. However I was subjected to a good otk spanking, followed by various floggers & then I received a caning to dissuade me from any further insolence. However, the best was yet to come.

I particularly enjoy strict rope bondage and I have asked to be securely tied up by every mistress I have ever visited. None though compare with Miss Cameo when it comes to very strict rope bondage. I was tied in various unusual positions, always very tightly and always with my c&b also tightly bound and attached to either the ropes or some other item of equipment.
I was gagged with a pair of Miss Cameo's used panties to complete my humiliation. Being unable to move or speak I could only look at Miss Cameo's satisfied smile as she reviewed her handiwork. Even today I can still see that smile - yes beautiful but with a definite hint of evil in it.

I believe it takes a few sessions before a mistress can fully understand a slave and his needs. If this is indeed true then the next few sessions I have with Miss Cameo will be unbelievable. She is truly wonderful and is everything a slave could ask for.

Thanks Miss Cameo and I'll be back for more training in the very near future.